Sassy Assassin / Fallout

by Together On Two

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Recorded live in our basement practice space during rehearsal 07/01/16


released September 10, 2016

music by together on two. photo by anthony chodor /



all rights reserved


Together On Two Manchester, New Hampshire

Together On Two is a three piece lo-fi/indie/garage rock band from Manchester NH. They released their first EP, titled “Meet My Cat”, right here on Bandcamp in October 2014.

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Track Name: Sassy Assassin (Live)
Trained by the CIA
Denied by MI5
Broke free from the KGB
Double agent killing spree

She was a sassy assassin
Flashing smiles then attacking
Sexy dress but she's still packing
My lovely sassy assassin

Department store cover story
All dirty work, zero glory
Travel the world, topple regimes
Nothing quite as it seems

What was she doing in Cairo
the day the bombs went off?
Was that her in Russia
breaking Gorbachev?
Why was she in Belgrade
when revolution came?
That woman in the photo
could it be the same?

She was a classy assassin
Head shots in flawless fashion
Breaking hearts then attacking
My lovely sassy assassin

She was a sassy assassin
Sharp tounge, wise cracking
Killing foes with a passion
My deadly sassy assassin
Track Name: Fallout (Live)
Margaret, I'm sorry-
I really thought the coast was clear.
It turns out that fallout
still hangs heavy in the air.
Her head explodes each time we speak
she promised she'll be moved out in a week

Try not to try too hard
just repeat what worked before
Try not to try too hard
just repeat what worked before

She pulled her knives out,
she stole my cell phone.
All those strange messages-
yeah she wrote those.
She waged a campaign to drive you away,
I might admit defeat today.

I told you the deal but I was optimistic,
it's worse than i thought i should have been patient
and not underestimate just how crazy she is.

Fuck it I'm sorry
and I understand if you disappear
this really got fucked up, my dear

I'll make this right, I'll make this right
if making this right means leaving you alone.
Try not to try too hard-
just repeat what, just repeat what worked before
and lay low.

Margaret, I'm sorry- have you
ever wanted something
and just couldn't wait for it to
come together the right way?
god fucking dammit this is so embarrassing-
its no wonder I haven't heard a thing.